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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Tumkur Pincode / Post Office Search (TUMKUR, Karnataka)

Arakere B.O 572106TumkurKarnataka
Ariyur B.O 572118TumkurKarnataka
Beladhara B.O 572106TumkurKarnataka
Belagumba B.O 572104TumkurKarnataka
Bellavi B.O 572107TumkurKarnataka
Byatha B.O 572140TumkurKarnataka
Dasalakunte B.O 572138TumkurKarnataka
Devalapura B.O 572138TumkurKarnataka
Dibbur B.O 572106TumkurKarnataka
Gulur S.O 572118TumkurKarnataka
Halanur B.O 572107TumkurKarnataka
Haldodderi B.O 572128TumkurKarnataka
Haralur B.O 572104TumkurKarnataka
Hebbur S.O 572120TumkurKarnataka
Heggere B.O 572215TumkurKarnataka
Hirehalli B.O 572104TumkurKarnataka
Honnudike S.O 572122TumkurKarnataka
Honsigere B.O 572122TumkurKarnataka
Hunjanal B.O 572128TumkurKarnataka
Kanakuppe B.O 572120TumkurKarnataka
Kembalalu B.O 572120TumkurKarnataka
Kesaramadu B.O 572104TumkurKarnataka
Kestur B.O 572138TumkurKarnataka
Kolala B.O 572140TumkurKarnataka
Kuramkote B.O 572138TumkurKarnataka
Makanahally B.O 572118TumkurKarnataka
Mallasandra B.O 572107TumkurKarnataka
Maralur B.O 572105TumkurKarnataka
Maralur B.O 572102TumkurKarnataka
Maralur S.O 572105TumkurKarnataka
Maskal B.O 572122TumkurKarnataka
Melekote B.O 572102TumkurKarnataka
Mulukunte B.O 572122TumkurKarnataka
Mydala B.O 572104TumkurKarnataka
Nagavalli B.O 572118TumkurKarnataka
Negalala B.O 572138TumkurKarnataka
Nelahal B.O 572128TumkurKarnataka
Niduvalalu B.O 572120TumkurKarnataka
Obalapura B.O 572106TumkurKarnataka
Oorkere B.O 572106TumkurKarnataka
Palasandra B.O 572118TumkurKarnataka
Sasalu B.O 572122TumkurKarnataka
Seethakal B.O 572140TumkurKarnataka
Settihalli B.O 572102TumkurKarnataka
Siravara B.O 572120TumkurKarnataka
Sit Campus B.O 572102TumkurKarnataka
Sorekunte B.O 572128TumkurKarnataka
Taredakuppe B.O 572120TumkurKarnataka
Tavarekere B.O 572122TumkurKarnataka
Tovinakere S.O 572138TumkurKarnataka
Tumkur City S.O 572101TumkurKarnataka
Tumkur H.O 572101TumkurKarnataka
Urdigere S.O 572140TumkurKarnataka
Yelachigere B.O 572140TumkurKarnataka